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The Story of Kole

Kole joined our team in Stillwater in October of 2021. He has over a decade and counting of professional tattooing experience. He specializes in black and grey photorealism and dabbles in color photorealism as well. Kole grew up in this same tattoo studio with his parents; Zapp who was the original owner/tattoo artist of the studio when it was established back in 1995 as Tatt’s by Zapp, and his mother Jinx who went on to own her own studio in Texas. Both of his brothers are tattoo artists as well, making him a “second generation tattoo artist”. You could say tattooing runs in his bloodline. From the start of his life he was raised around the original Anchors End family, aspiring to be a tattoo artist as he colored and started drawing with their guidance.

If you have any other questions or need anymore info from me feel free to reach out.

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